One of the greatest joys of being a teacher is seeing your students as adults. I am honored to know Avonna Starck and am so proud of the woman she is today.

Avonna is passionate about equity and active anti-racism. She is dedicated to ensuring every single student in Fridley receives a high-quality education that prepares them for life.

Sara Schreiner, NBCT Resident of Fridley Educator | Park Center Senior High Career Resource Specialist | AP Coordinator National Board Certified Teacher

Avonna Starck adds much to the Fridley School Board.  She works hard for families and students attending the District.  A great listener and a strong advocate, School Board Director Starck is also intelligent, well-educated, a great multi-tasker, and can juggle everything that comes her way. A high quality School Board is so important to a good District.  Great to have Avonna as part of Fridley’s!  

Retired Senator Barbara Goodwin

As a Fridley student it’s important to get whatever we need and to assure our school safety. Avonna has always helped whenever we needed help, schoolwise or personally. She always supports her kids.

Jesus Salazar Lopez, Fridley Class of 2021

I have worked with Avonna in many capacities over our careers. As the Executive Director with th Fridley Schools Foundation I found her dedication to Fridley students unmatched. She was an integral part of assisting me with the Give to the Max campaign as well as out of the box fundraising ideas. Any organization with Avonna on their team is destined for success! The Fridley schools would be lucky to have Avonna as their newest school board member.

Jennifer Dejournett, former Executive Director, Fridley Schools Foundation  

I’ve had the privilege to serve with Avonna on numerous civic and community projects over the years.  She’s been part of securing a new City Hall, raising funds to send Middle School students to learn about our nation, and serves as a commissioner to govern our City Charter.  She is a top notch community organizer, with a deep understanding of what it takes to invest in the future health for all.”   

Mandy Meisner, Anoka County Commissioner

I have known Avonna for 20+ years, and she has always had a strong drive to help others by organizing various community projects. When the time came for her to look for a new home her residency in Fridley, this school district became the overriding factor in her search. Her passion for the area is admirable and a large reason I considered Fridley when I was looking for a new home; we ultimately decided to move to the area. She has motivated me to get involved with the community and would be a great asset and role model to have on the school board. 

Mike Bell, Fridley Resident

I was excited to be approached by Avonna to work on Fridley TRIP and the Taste of Fridley. She worked tirelessly to set p a year long pilot program to raise money for the middle school’s east coast trip. She motivated me tremendously with her guidance and support the Taste of Fridley has truly evolved. I continue to be impressed by her passion for supporting our schools. She’s truly the best choice for school board and I hope you join me in supporting her.

Tarole Rettke, Taste of Fridley Coordinator

Strong schools start with an environment that harnesses one’s potential early on, drives ingenuity, and asks questions that push the boundaries of knowledge. It’s rooted in leadership that understands the complexities of modern learning and the importance of empathy in policy making. Avonna is that leader.

JD Holmquist


I have had the pleasure of meeting and working with Avonna in community fundraising and local charity events. Since we met Avonna has been a phenomenal influence and mentor for my husband and for me. Avonna is a fierce advocate for the causes in which she believes. She is thorough, has firm knowledge, exceptional skills, and good instincts. She is extraordinarily authentic in her relationships and generous with her time, experience, and friendship. Avonna’s work is A+, every single time!

Nikki Karnopp, Fridley Parent


Jeremy Powers, Fridley Resident

Tom Tillberry, Fridley City Council

Stephen Eggert, Fridley City Council

Avonna brings strong leadership to the school board and truly cares for our students and their future.

Dave Ostwald, Fridley City Council