Responsible Fiscal Management

The role of the school board is to manage the budget and oversee the superintendent. It is a governance role that oversees policies and procedures to ensure that our students, staff, teachers, and community are respected, valued, and given the best place to work and learn possible.

I take this responsibility seriously and will continue to work hard to honor your tax dollars and use them in a way that creates a positive, strong, creative, and innovative learning environment for our students.

Equity and Diversity

Recently our board approved Policy 105, which focuses on Equity work in the district. We are one of only 5 districts in the state to pass such a policy. I’ve worked hard to advocate for all students so that each district space is a welcoming and nurturing environment that everyone feels safe and inspired to learn in.

All students have a right to learn regardless of their race, religion, gender, sexuality, age, or ability.

I am proud to have advocated for gender-neutral pronouns in our parent handbook as well as encouraging our board to make a formal statement regarding how we address equity in our district in the wake of the George Floyd killing. It was important to me to send the message that we hear the pain our community members are in – and we are working to be vulnerable and work towards a more equitable environment for everyone!

Transparency and Communication

I believe you have the right to a voice in our district. I advocated for board members to have access to their individual emails and for our emails to be publicly listed so that you can reach us with comments, questions, or concerns you may have. This is our community and I think it’s vital that our neighbors have a voice in how the board operates and the policies we create.

I feel it is our role as board members to be community connectors. This means listening and learning from you so that we can bring your ideas into the district to improve on what we do. I did this when a community member suggested adding student seats to our school board. I followed through with this request and now we have a student group, Tigers United, that brings concerns/comments/ideas to us and they sit on the board during our business meetings. This includes monthly presentations on the work Tigers United is doing in the district. Their most recent priority, mental health, has given us an even more increased awareness of what our students need and how to empower them to make changes in their school community!

Avonna at a community picnic with State Representative Connie Bernardy, Anoka County Commissioner Mandy Meisner, and Fridley School Board member Abdisalam Adam.

Avonna at the Fridley TRIP Gala with State Representative Connie Bernardy, Anoka County Commissioner Mandy Meisner, and Fridley School Board member Donna Prewedo

Avonna at the State Capitol